Kayak Safety Equipment


SEA-Light for Paddling Safety

Intense light visible for up to 2 Miles - USCG Approved
Waterproof and Corrosion resistant. Runs up to 8 hours on 2 AA batteries. Includes 20" pole, and No. 241 combination side/dock mount. Removable light is portable and can easily attach to life jacket.

No. 824 SEA light Includes No. 244 flush Dock Mount.

No. 825 SEA light Includes suction cup mount and safety leash.

I found the lights to be rugged, "definitely" waterproof, easily interchangeable and worked well with Scotty's universal mount system.  It's the same mount we've been using for our Powerlock rod holders.  The suction cup mount works well on smooth surfaces like kevlar and fiberglass.


Small Vessel Safety Equipment Kit
  • 15 metre Buoyant Heaving Line
  • Bailer (watertight container)
  • Sound Signaling Device (Pealess Whistle)
  • Watertight Flashlight

This is a very handy kit and can easily be stowed away through a hatch.  The watertight container is extremely rugged.


Watertight First Aid Kit

Contains 16 essential items, over 85 pieces, all in rugged watertight buoyant container. Also included is a bonus Lifesaver #1 Safety Emergency Whistle.

A basic first aid kit is a must!  Whether it's from Scotty or another company, you should have some sort of first aid kit stowed away in a waterproof container.  Scotty put together a nice package with everything from tweezers and scissors to latex gloves and assorted bandages.


Lifesaver #1

The world's most advanced all purpose safety whistle.
Designed by search and rescue professionals. Newly designed synthetic peas will not absorb moisture or freeze. Works when soaking wet - clears instantly.

This whistle is very loud (You should keep it away from small children.  I learned the hard way.)!  It has dual chambers, so you're essentially getting the power and pitch of two whistles.  The clip is convenient for attaching the whistle on to a jacket, eyelet or zipper.  I have one attached to the zipper on the back of all of my kayak seats.