Paddle and Fish Adventure
 Palos Verdes Peninsula


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Once we rounded the point the seas calmed.  We could see several strange looking structures ahead of us on the bluff.  As we came closer we could tell these were the sad remains of Marineland, a place many of us fondly remember from our childhoods.  Just beyond Marineland Yakslam and Eagle Eye stopped to fish a collection of lobster traps for the best bass action of the trip.  I continued towards the landing beach with Jason.  We couldn't see any sign of Defjack or Grego but later learned they had not liked the look of the landing site, choosing instead to land farther south.  Unfortunately their alternate site proved to be rocky and that section of the bluff higher, but they did fine.

From the sea the landing beach at Abalone Cove didn't look too bad.  The 2-4' waves were breaking close to shore, but with plenty of time between larger waves.  We rigged for a crash landing to be safe.  Spotting a lull, I sprinted in first.  I'd nearly made it when I was slowed by the back wash, and turned to see a breaker bearing down on me.  Oh well, I thought, I should have waited for just one more wave to roll under me before committing to land.  The barrel of the three foot high breaking wave grabbed my kayak and rolled me forward towards the beach so quickly I didn't have a chance to lean and brace into the wave face.  After a few revolutions through the spin cycle I emerged sputtering and caked with muddy sand just-in-time to see Jason effortlessly glide up to shore on the back of a breaker.

Soon it was the turn of Eagle Eye and Yakslam to run the gauntlet, which they did with style.  All that was left was to get our gear to the top of the bluff.  Rigging wheels, we made the slow slog uphill.

Our trip had covered twelve miles and nearly seven hours.  Those of us with time to spare cracked open celebratory drinks and munched on snacks while watching the sun slowly sink beneath the horizon.  Time to head home and begin planning the next epic paddle and fish adventure.

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