La Jolla Canyon 2003 Rockfish Opener

 By John "Eagle Eye" Pawlak 

This year a group of regulars from the Big Water’s Edge got together for the opening day of rock fishing season.  In less than three hours after launching we had our limits and were paddling back in.

The ocean kayak fishermen in attendance this year was San Diego Jeff, FishinPhill, Fishhead, Yak Atak and the president him self. The Iceman.  We met at 6:00 am.  The ocean was dead calm and the fog was thick.  After launching we headed north past the Scrip’s pier guided by Al and his GPS.  He had marked a spot on the canyon where the bottom went from 80’ to 350’ in no more than 50 yards.

We were using dropper loops with 2/0-6/0 circle hooks, 4 once weights and Krocs both tipped with squid strips.  We began by dropping down to the bottom in 80’ and then slowly drifting over the ledge until we got into the 120’ ranger before reeling in and paddling back to the starting point.

We caught mostly Reds with a few Staries and (1) White Fish and (1) Sand Bass.  I tried to send one of my smaller fish back down but even with the bladder deflated there was nothing it could do but float and splash on the surface so we just kept them all no matter the size and stopped when we reached the limit of (10).  The larger fish averaged about a pound and a half and the biggest fish of the day was a 1-pound 13-ounce Red that was caught by Al.

I was using a FishEasy 2 portable fish finder and found it to be
indispensable when trying to stay on the fish and at a legal depth.

As we paddled back in the wind came up and blew away the fog to reveal another beautiful southern California day.

Eagle Eye