Your Costa Rica Connection
by Queejack

I come and go between San Diego and Quepos Costa Rica every two weeks. My wife and two kids live here and we own a house and small business but my real job is in the Emergency Department at Kaiser in San Diego where I work as a RN for two weeks every month. "I come and go like a yo-yo.
The small quick release snaps can be purchased at "Harborfreight" in a six pack for less then $2.00; they are great for "tools". 

"Trauma Shears" I use these in the ER a-lot and in the kitchen, house, garden and in my shop. They are great and a safe cutting tool for cutting bait. I cut squid strips similar to scampi's or swim baits. they can cut hooks though but dykes do too. They are easy to control.  They also cut flesh, fish bellies or gills and some bones, all spines, great for giving sculpin or rockcod haircuts to keep from being spined. Don't expect to fillet with them

A loaded boat ready to go. Just five min. from put in. I welded the trailer. It works well. It is all easily manipulated by one person.
These giant 'Commercial fishing swivels" work really well and I'll never rig another boat without using one at any D ring or "Paddock" I put on a boat. A great place to hang a twisting fighting, dying fish that i have never yet caught. They also come in stainless steel.

This big brass ring is also smart and serviceable, however, the swivel just has that advantage.

Telephoto shot of where I put in; low tide.
In my Malibu II, it's 50 min to the point with one paddler. there is supposed to be some big snapper and grouper out there. I have only seen turtles. No big fish.

Another shot of the put in area at low tide (top). Out to the jetty and around the corner or just hang a right at the river mouth and there is miles of surf zone where it is alleged to be a big snook for every bait when the black herring are in.

America my baby.

I have seen breezing schools of fish close ashore but I didn't have a kayak then. In the last four weeks I have seriously started fishing and haven't caught any thing that wouldn't be best suited for a tropical salt water aquarium. Today I think I started to catch on a little better I caught some kind of a grouper ten inches long. It was beautiful and spotted like a leopard dark green / brown body with orange and black spots. I have baby sitting duties to attend to don't hesitate to get in touch. Perhaps we can do a fish swap o rama if some one is ever in the neighborhood.