GTS Ultimate Fishing Seat


      The GTS and the GTS Ultimate Fishing are essentially the same seat.  The GTS Ultimate Fishing Seat comes with fishing rod holders.
It's hard to sound objective when you come across a product such as the new GTS Fishing Seat from Surf to Summit.  It was love at first site.  As good as this seat looks, it performs even better.  In my opinion, this is by far the most capable and luxurious seat on the market.

The seat looks like no other.  It's sleek style resembles that of a fancy bucket seat you might find in a Porsche or a Ferrari.  The molded foam layers are thick and strategically placed to offer the most comfort and support.  Since the seat  is so padded, I found an added advantage was it's superb insulation.  It's the warmest seat I've ever sat in.  Another way you might say that is the GTS retains a significant amount of body heat which you would normally lose with most other seats.

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The GTS Fishing Seat version comes with two rod holders and a utility pouch which proves to be incredibly convenient for stowing small items like whistles, extra stringers, cameras, air horns, extra compasses, etc;  The rod holders work nicely for trolling, holding extra rods, nets and gaffs.  Though I would recommend trolling with only one rod at a time from the GTS.  
Since the position of the rod holders are so vertical, there isn't much spread between the two rod tips, thus possibly resulting in the crossing or tangling of both trolling lines.
The new multi point strapping system can be a little intimidating at first glance.  But the improved performance you get from this new design is well worth the few extra minutes it may take to adjust it to your liking.            surftosummit_gts_proexplorer_topview.jpg (57780 bytes)
The other benefit from this new 4 point strapping system is that the seat will stay upright with fishing rods in the rod holders without actually sitting in the seat.  Surf to Summit's previous fishing seat tended to lean to one side or the other when the fishing rods were in the holders and I wasn't sitting in the seat.  Prior to the GTS, extra straps were needed in order to keep the "fishing seat" balanced upright with rods in the holders when not sitting in the seat.  The seat leaning more to one side wasn't a factor once you were sitting inside the seat.  Of course I'm in my seat when paddling but who knows where I may be in relation to the seat when I'm fishing.  This was a nice improvement.

I've paddled several days on it and have to say that this is the most luxurious and comfortable kayak seat I've ever used. 

  • well insulated

  • extremely comfortable

  • great support

  • new 4 point strapping system allowed for better control of the seat position

  • rod holders are extremely functional

I tried the seat out in Ocean Kayak's Scupper Pro TW and Malibu Kayaks Pro Explorer.  The seat fit well in both kayaks after some routine adjusting of the straps.

The seat comes with either plastic clips or brass clips for rear straps and retails for $175 ($150 without rod holders).  Available in red or gray.  

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Reviewed December 12, 2002

by Jason Morton