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Surf to Summit has come out with their version of a kayak seat pad called the Hot Seat.  The Hot Seat pad is used to compliment a kayak seat.  Itís made from closed cell foam.  This prevents any absorption of water. The pad comes with a very strong adhesive, which is applied to the kayak similar to how a sticker works.  Peel off the bottom paper and stick the Hot Seat onto the seat well.  The bond is extremely strong.  Where you position it is where it will remain. 

We mounted these in touring style sit on top kayaks.  The pad didnít compromise any stability.  The lift on it is barely noticeable if any.  Since the center of gravity is unchanged, no stability is compromised.  And since the Hot Seat didnít affect the stability with the touring style of kayaks we tested, it wouldnít in the shorter, wider platforms either.

The comfort is excellent considering how thin the pad is.  Its molded shape resembles that of a tractor seat.  Surf to Summit produces two types of Hot Seats:  Spicy (comes in black) is firmer and Mild (comes in blue) offers a softer ride. 

Depending upon which kayak, the pad may cover or partially cover the scupper holes in the seat well.  Partially covered, it still allowed for drainage and I never noticed an increase of puddling either.  If it obstructs your scupper holes, I suppose you could carefully cut out the Hot Seat around the self-baling holes.  The material is strong but can be cut if some modification is required.

We found that the Hot Seat not only offers additional comfort, but warmth as well.  With more insulation under your bottom, less body heat is expelled.

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Reviewed September 24, 2002
by Jason Morton